5 ancient software solutions that are still in use in 2020

It is rare for software solutions to remain the same for long in the modern era.

To keep up with consumer needs, software solutions need to be constantly updated and overhauled.

That also means many programs and applications become redundant over time and superseded by better products.

Despite this trend, there are still some software solutions that we refuse to let go of. They include:


The US Department of Defense has long been known to be on the cutting edge of software solutions.

And way back in 1958, it developed Mechanization of Contract Administration Services or MOCAS to manage its budgeting – which remains in use to this very day.

Not only is it incredible that this software is still in use, but the programming language used to create it remains in use as well.

Common business-oriented language (COBOL) was used to build MOCAS – a good year before it became approved for mainstream use.

And COBOL is still widely used to update existing legacy applications, primarily those in finance and admin. Like MOCAS.

Microsoft Office 2003

Stuffed into storage cabinets of many IT departments is a veritable graveyard of Microsoft products.

Windows 7 has become the latest product to be scrapheaped by the software giants and denied future support. It has gone the way of Windows XP, Windows 95, Windows 3.1 and – dinosaurs.

But one Microsoft product endures after 17 years on the market – Microsoft Office 2003.

This is largely because of ease of use, as Office 2003 was the last version to use the classic dropdown menus.

Companies favour this product because it is easier to train people to use it and it remains on entire business networks despite official Microsoft support ending in 2014.

MS-DOS and Command Prompt 

Before Windows, PCs were a different beast.

Back in the days of big hair, spandex and Mötley Crüe, we operated our computers using MS-DOS.

There were no windows, no applications – in fact, there was no graphical interface at all.

Nope, we had to access our programs manually by typing commands into the operating system in order to run them.

This was even parodied in The Simpsons with Comic Book Guy sporting a shirt with the hilarious play on the MS-DOS era that read:

The good old MS-DOS Command Prompt is not a widely used function anymore (and hasn’t been since Microsoft discontinued MS-DOS support in 1994).

But it still very much exists within Windows and MS-DOS itself is still present in some x86 systems.


Long before streaming music became a thing, Winamp was the tool of choice for listening to MP3s on our computers.

It was created by an 18-year-old kid named Justin Frankel and launched in 1997 – becoming a global smash.

Winamp was the first player that would organise and store your MP3s so you could easily create your own playlists – perfect for parties, social events or just listening to music on your own.

Justin got $60 million in a buyout from AOL and walked away just before the dot-com bubble which saw the market flooded with copycat products.

It seemed Winamp was dead. 

But for many, it remained the ultimate digital music player and nostalgic throwback to the 90s.

Winamp remained supported right up until 2013 and remains in use today because it is extremely lightweight and powerful.

Perfect for those Gen X-ers still hoarding their MP3 collection and shunning streaming services.

Corel Draw!


The Adobe Creative Suite is the industry standard in 2020, but it once had a big fight on its hands.

In the 1990s Photoshop was going toe-to-toe with PaintShop Pro and Corel Draw! for market share.

History shows that Adobe won this fight, but its main rivals were never truly dead and buried.

Both remain in use today and have updated features that some favour to Photoshop because they are cheaper and can load large files on ageing technology.

Some designers will still go back to old versions of Corel Draw! that date back to 1989 because of the bank of fonts and clipart that came saddled with it and are no longer available in newer versions of the software.

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While these software solutions mentioned are still in use, there are literally millions that are not.

To be competitive, nimble and agile in the modern world your business needs customised software solutions that meet your needs.

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