Digital Technology In The Mining Sector & How It Will Save Lives

Powerful new global technology partnership to streamline workforce operational needs

IONYX and Gemstone Logistics today announce a disruptive joint offering set to revolutionise complex logistic processes within the resource and construction sectors. The companies currently service an impressive array of clients, including AGL, Rio Tinto, BHP, Petroleum Development Oman, Canadian Natural, Aramark, and Compass Group, to name a few. Existing and future clients will have

How to quickly adopt a mobile workforce

Unprecedented control measures surrounding COVID-19 has seen social distancing and business closures around the world, highlighting the importance of fostering a mobile workforce in the modern age. The global coronavirus pandemic has seen measures implemented across the world to slow the spread of the virus and lessen the burden on health services. For most businesses,

How COVID-19 is igniting the virtual reality industry

Virtual reality has had many false dawns since it was first conceived back in the 1950s.  The concept of virtual reality extends way back to 1838 when Charles Wheatstone discovered that lining up stereoscopic photos or paintings side by side, viewed through a special lens, could create the illusion of 3D.  Morton Heilig’s Sensorama was

#RebootYourPrivacy this Privacy Awareness Week

Privacy Awareness Week runs from May 4-10 and presents individuals and businesses with an opportunity to review their data security. Data theft remains the leading motive for cybercrime and more than half of the world’s population are more concerned about their digital privacy than they were 12 months ago. Data theft remains the leading motive for cybercrime

Lava lamps are responsible for 10% of all data encryption. Seriously!

Data encryption essentially scrambles information to make it unusable, unless you have the virtual keys to unscramble it. It is a technique that has been used to send secret messages since 600 BC when the Spartans used a wooden rod called a scytale to decipher words inscribed in leather that was wrapped around the stick.

Why those Facebook quizzes are a data privacy breach

You’re stuck at home, everything you love doing is closed and you’re bored, we get it. But don’t turn to Facebook quizzes to chew through the hours or you could face serious data privacy issues. We have all seen them in our Facebook timeline (and other social media platforms). Those seemingly harmless quizzes designed to be shared

How does your risk management stack up?

Did you know…? 43% of Australian work-related fatalities happen on the road†. There’s no doubt you’ve heard of a traumatic workplace accident, perhaps even one you have been involved in yourself. Even worse, you may be aware of one that led to the premature death of a co-worker or loved one. It may come as

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