The automation shift towards productivity

While automation has been effectively used for years as a means for businesses to improve efficiencies and drive down costs, now the focus is moving towards using automation to improve productivity.

According to a recent Taking Automation to the Next Level report, around 60 per cent of executives across all industries want to double the number of processes being automated over the next five years.

And the tide is turning, away from cost management strategies towards achieving greater productivity and improving processes through automation.

Automation strategy leaders were surveyed on their primary goals for automation over the next five years and over 60 per cent listed concentrating on under-performing processes as their main focus. This was followed by:

This shift is expected to continue and reach a tipping point in the coming years, with productivity to become the primary goal for most industries through automation.

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How automation can improve your productivity

Software solutions can deliver a range of gains across most industries when it comes to productivity. Some of the benefits that automation will deliver include:

Improved workflow: By automating processes you can remove redundant steps, eliminate human error and reduce the volume of time spent on inputting data. DigitalForms by Ionyx can help you become totally paperless through automated forms management on your end-user devices.

Greater safety: Automated journey management process is one way you can greatly improve safety when workers are required to travel as part of their role. This is especially apparent in industries like the mining, oil, gas and renewable energy sectors where remote travel between job sites is a requirement. Journey Management System can automate this process, sending alerts to management if a driver does not reach checkpoints on time.

Manage your workforce: Automation not only improves operations, but it also centralises them. When it comes to managing teams and individuals, manual process often requires multiple systems and files which makes the process time-intensive, confusing and prone to error. Fly2Work aims to assist with travel management processes by lining up and automating travel between sites and accommodation through one centralised app.

Improved procurement: Sourcing the right providers of goods and services can be a major challenge for many enterprises. It is time-consuming and requires a lot of paperwork and research. Online Procurement System provides a digital platform that helps identify and onboard reputable, local suppliers to deliver greater cost efficiencies as well as productivity.

Ionyx can help your enterprise develop and roll out software and applications to automate your processes and help improve your productivity as well as cost strategies. Contact us to discuss plans for your business.

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