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Step determination process

The Challenge

Medical professionals often need to make a swift and confident assessment on a patient’s capacity to fly based on any number of complicated conditions and considerations.

The transport of patients by air involves certain risks. Medical professionals across the globe are faced with the responsibility of approving the transportation of patient by air, and determining if a patient requires in-flight medical assistance on board or whether the patient is fit to fly at all. As aviation medicine is a relatively new medical discipline with emerging guidelines, medical professionals are met with the challenge of accessing up-to-date information, advice and documentation.

  • Poor and complicated systems
  • Manual data entry
  • Complicated assessment criteria
  • Large caseloads and time-poor doctors

The Solution

IONYX designed and built a simple yet intuitive system to dramatically reduce time and cognitive load for doctors to determine whether their patients are fit to fly. We drew input from medical professionals within the aero-medical transportation field and International Assistance Group stakeholders to ensure the responsive system was best practice. IONYX was engaged with the following:

  • Logo design and brand kit
  • User experience design
  • Back and front-end development

Designed for the context

Our form designs were targeted for tablet and mobile users with speed of use in mind. Inputs are amply spaced and conditional form logic meant we were only showing the user content relevant to their patient in the determination journey. 

The Results

We’re tracking performance and input from medical professionals to help refine the user experience. This is the current state:


annual medical cases


medical conditions


step determination process