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regions piloted around Australia


sprint from low fidelity to high

The Challenge

The growing emphasis on local supply chain capacity has been heightened by the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Manufacturing supply chains are notoriously complex but heavily depended upon. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Australian Government received feedback from industry regarding difficulties finding businesses that could supply or retool their offering to meet supply chain needs locally.

The Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources contracted Industry Capability Network (ICN) Limited to develop and build an industry capability register to allow Australian suppliers in selected regions to promote their existing and future capabilities to other businesses and the public. As part of this project, ICN Limited engaged IONYX to design and develop the front end and identity of the website. The solution promotes collaboration between local businesses and opportunities within the region. 

  • Lack of resilience and gaps in supply chains
  • Local industry participation is weak
  • Unjust share of domestic opportunities
  • Local capabilities are not promoted or endorsed
  • Lack of business connection and partnerships

The Solution

A centralised procurement and supply chain portal was built to allow businesses to pivot their service offerings, showcase their current and potential capabilities and connect with partnering businesses to fulfil services that were previously sourced offshore. The solution aims to promote collaboration between local businesses and opportunities within the region.

  • Logo design and brand kit
  • Rapid prototyping based on best practice UX
  • Co-design with over 60 industry stakeholders across Australia
  • Front end and back-end development

Communicating complexity with simplicity

IONYX developed simple visual ways to help break down the complexity and scale of the challenge the platform was intended to address.

Minimum Viable Product

The system drew from user experience research learnings we conducted with the ICN Gateway and input from department and industry.

The proposed minimum viable product (MVP) will initially be launched in Townsville, Greater Melbourne and South East QLD as a pilot, before a potential national roll out of the Capability Connection system.

Looking Forward

The Capability Connection will help stimulate and foster an open and competitive marketplace for Australian industry, encourage local participation and ensure share in contracts remains strong.