Custom Software Development


Custom solutions for unique businesses

Companies can’t exist without business processes. But some business processes can get out of hand. Five Excel spreadsheets, ten emails, three paper forms … just to order a stapler? Getting stuff done shouldn’t be so hard.

And the more important and complex the process, the bigger the problem.

If you’re coordinating truck rolls for a major mining company, and using Excel to track movements of over 400 vehicles? Ouch.

Luckily, we eat this type of problem for breakfast.

We’re specialists in designing and delivering software solutions that are built for your unique business. The more complex, the better, in fact.

But we’ve heard the horror stories, too.

Software companies who promise the earth then disappear for six months and return with a solution that barely meets your needs and feels like it came out of a box (Styrofoam walls still attached)?

Ugh, no.

We pride ourselves on being open and approachable through every step of the journey.

Our Process

How we achieve great results.



We dive deep into your world and discover where it really hurts, what you’ve done already, and how we can help.



We present you with an outline of our proposed solution and drink in your feedback and suggestions.



We work with you at every turn to make sure we build the solution you need.



We deliver your solution at the price we promised (last-minute scope changes accepted!)

The final result has produced an application that allows multiple contractors to be managed under one system with total visibility of the work delivery, costs and all associated reports to detail the granular breakdown of the total cost of ownership for the works executed.

B.Drummond – Superintendent Shell