Four New Year’s resolutions your business should adopt for success in 2020

The opening weeks of January always see an influx of people at the local gym as New Year’s resolutions kick in. But does your business have resolutions in place for 2020?

Many of us seek to improve ourselves and discover growth each year and it is important for all businesses to take stock and do the same thing annually.

Here are four New Year’s resolutions you can adopt to help enjoy a profitable, safe and prosperous 2020.

Make customer service your No.1 priority

Harvard research has shown that it costs businesses between five and 25 times as much to attract new customers than it does to retain existing customers.

That means it is more effective for you to up your customer service game in 2020 than it is to build strategies for growth (although this should never be neglected entirely).

The modern customer has different needs than in previous years, though. Whether you are online-only, a brick and mortar business or a combination of both – your customer experience needs to provide plenty of value. That includes:

Reinventing your marketing strategies

The thing about modern-day marketing is that what worked yesterday is unlikely to be as effective tomorrow.

The new year presents a crucial window to assess the current market trends in your industry and shape and re-create your marketing efforts to suit.

It is also a good time to audit your 2019 marketing efforts to determine what measures worked, what didn’t, which strategies picked up later in the year and which ones dipped off late.

Assess your staffing strategies

The modern world requires modern solutions – which can often lead to people in your enterprise wearing multiple hats.

The problem with this approach is that you are diluting your talent, as no one is good at everything and people lose time to use their core skills when they have to take on other roles as well.

If you have a manager doing social media or graphic design work on top of their roles, this is the time to assess how important these roles are. If you need graphic design, it is time to hire a graphic designer.

This will lead to greater productivity and resources being devoted to the areas where they most need to be assigned.

In terms of hiring in 2020, you should be looking for candidates that:

Prioritise safety and re-evaluate your strategies and policies

Evaluating your current workplace health and safety practices and developing strategies for a safer 2020 is critical in your early year planning.

Here are the strategies you can look at to ensure you have the best workplace health and safety policies and practice in 2020:

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