How Field Service Management (FSM) software can improve your business operations

Field Service Management software offers businesses across multiple industries a competitive advantage.

This is because rather than having to sit on a computer or mobile device at your company headquarters, FSM allows you to manage resources, schedules and other work functions while you are on the road.

FSM software enables you to capture data, coordinate staff and jobs, automate manual processes and ultimately streamline your business operations – saving you time and money.

The benefits of Field Service Management software

There are multiple reasons why FSM software is becoming the preferred options for businesses across a range of industries.

The benefits of this type of software deliver include:

  • Improved safety:¬†More and more Australian workers operate remotely, travel between job sites and generally work away from a centralised office. FSM software allows you to monitor their movement and activities to ensure they are safe with alerts triggered if something goes wrong.
  • You save money:¬†Field Service Management software streamlines your operations and automates many processes, saving you time which equates to money. It also cuts down on material costs like stationery, paper, printing, petrol, vehicle wear and tear and many other expenses.
  • Better workflow:¬†By coordinating your team through FSM software everyone knows their job, everything is trackable and auditable and operations are streamlined.
  • Centralised data:¬†Telstra released information that showed that Australia¬†used the equivalent of 9000 years of continuous Netflix viewing¬†in one month alone in 2018. That makes it critical to centralise all of your information which FSM software helps you do.

Ioynx is a software solutions company based in Brisbane, Australia that has a range of products that can be used for Field Service Management including:

Journey Management System

Safety compliance is an essential cornerstone of every business. But how do you look after workers when they are on the road or travelling between job sites?

Journey Management System offers an automated platform that ensures workers reach pre-determined checkpoints and take scheduled breaks. It uses the signal of a mobile device and GPS and sends alerts via SMS, email and mobile audio to managers if a worker does not reach a checkpoint, allowing for swift support.


Managing travel for FIFO and remote workers can be a time-consuming process. Fly2Work offers a platform that automates this process with workers able to submit travel and accommodation requests which are then linked to service providers with complete itineraries delivered and around the clock support provided.


An easy to use software solution that can make your operations paperless in a flash. This web and mobile application can help you easily build forms, manage workflows, analyse timesheets and much, much more.

This software is customisable and scalable to suit any business and its operations.

Online Procurement Services (OPS)

Don’t spend hours searching for the right suppliers and providers. With OPS they will come to you, with an automated system that shows supplier location, rating and their skills and services.

For more information on these products or to speak to our team about customisable software solutions for your business, contact Ionyx on 1300 379 577 or leave your details and we will get back to you.

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