How you can use your PC’s graphics card to fight COVID-19

As the global COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic continues to sweep the world, GPU company Nvidia has outlined a way you can use your computer at home to fight the virus.

The Delaware-based technology company is urging people with powerful graphics cards to sign up a free application that will allow them to pool their processing power.

Folding@home is a project that has existed since 2000 and has used the combined computing power to help better understand “protein folding” and ways to develop new drugs for existing illnesses.

Proteins are long-chain molecules in our bodies that recognise invading elements like COVID-19 and trigger the immune system into action.

The Folding@home project uses the clock cycles of million of GPUs to help better understand diseases and help advance scientific discovery of treatments and cures.

To date, Folding@home has been used to generate data that has contributed towards research in better understanding diseases like cancer, neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s and Parkinson’s as well infectious diseases like Zika virus and Ebola.

Now Nvidia, manufacturers of the popular GeForce line of GPUs, has put the call out for people to sign up for Folding@home to donate unused computing power to fight against COVID-19.

Folding@home now has specific GPU projects available to create invaluable data in the fight against Coronavirus, while CPU-specific projects are expected to be announced soon.

The software can operate in the background while you are using your computer, operating while you are not at your desk or can be shut off when you need the grunt of your GPU.

To find out more and to download the Folding@home software to help in the fight against Coronavirus click here.

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