IONYX and Gemstone Logistics today announce a disruptive joint offering set to revolutionise complex logistic processes within the resource and construction sectors.

The companies currently service an impressive array of clients, including AGL, Rio Tinto, BHP, Petroleum Development Oman, Canadian Natural, Aramark, and Compass Group, to name a few. Existing and future clients will have access to a shared suite of parallel state-of-the-art digital solutions and user-centric creative services focused on personnel journey and travel requirements, project control and online procurement.

Gemstone Logistics CEO, Tom McHale explained “We’re thrilled to come together to offer an optimal mix of off-the-shelf and custom software capabilities to make things easier, faster and more cost-effective for our global stable of clients.”

“We found ourselves bidding on similar contracts, and in doing so recognised that we both had gaps that could be complemented by each other,” Mr. HcHale said.

“Collaboration breeds innovation and excellence, and our companies are driven to be global tech leaders through the delivery of world-class products and services.”

The multi-year partnership agreement includes access to Gemstone Logistics web tools ILLUMYS, CIRYS and CampWare, as well as IONYX apps Journey Management System (JMS), Fly2Work and Online Procurement Services (OPS).

Elegant on the surface with tremendous power underneath

IONYX & Gemstone Logistics Partnership | Suite of advanced software products

LLUMYS is an efficient and effective project control management system that provides timely and accurate labour, equipment and material reporting.

CIRYS is an intuitive reservation and reporting tool for workforce travel and accommodation, allowing users to book flights, ground transportation and rooms.

CampWare is an end-to-end accommodation management solution, handling challenges such as guest management, housekeeping, invoicing, security, food services, and client reporting.

Fly2Work is a fly-in-fly-out (FIFO) travel management system allowing users to view real-time manifests, submit bookings, receive itineraries, and be notified of emergencies on the go.

Journey Management System is an automated driver safety app that gives companies complete visibility of their people on the road; helping staff reach their destinations safely through IVMS integration, GPS tracking, and verbal and SMS notifications.

Online Procurement Services is a single system for supply chain needs, facilitating procurement best practice by managing supplier documentation and ordering and payment processes, as well as providing detailed reporting for intelligent decision making.

IONYX Director, James Kelly explained: “There was no single fully integrated offering available to manage a workforce’s operational needs from end to end, while simultaneously reducing manual repetitive office processes.”

“IONYX and Gemstone Logistics share the same philosophy, culture and entrepreneurial outlook, so bringing together our comprehensive enterprise capabilities made sense – we are a natural fit as partners,” Mr. Kelly said.

The suite of platforms will be available by one consolidated, easy-to-use interface with 24-hour servicing support spanning time zones across Australia, Canada, China, the Philippines, and the UK.

The future of the partnership is shaping up to be bright as IONYX and Gemstone Logistics work together to unlock greater potential for their clients, as well as expand into adjacent sectors. An IATA-accredited travel agency ​to manage more of the supply chain is already in the works.


IONYX is an Australian-based tech organisation headquartered in Brisbane. Its journey started in 2011 with a mission to automate business processes and remove the inefficiency of paperwork in the Coal Seam Gas industry. Today, IONYX is a market leader in the development of innovative and custom software, apps and systems to increase productivity and communication in the fields of oil and gas, mining and renewables. IONYX’S solutions – most notably JMS, Fly2Work and OPS – are used every day by organisations across the globe, including several Fortune 500 companies.

Learn more about IONYX, Journey Management System (JMS), Fly2Work, and OPS.

Gemstone Logistics

Gemstone Logistics is a Canadian-based organisation headquartered in Alberta. Ever since CEO, Tom McHale implemented Canada’s first successful fly-in-fly-out program in 2005, the company has been highly respected for finding cost-effective and inventive solutions to industry-wide challenges. Among these noteworthy systems are CIRYS, CampWare and ILLUMYS. With a focus on management of industrial construction projects and travel and remote accommodation logistics, Gemstone Logistics is trusted by some of the biggest names in oil and gas, mining, hydro, LNG, and construction.

Learn more about Gemstone Logistics, CIRYS, CampWare, and ILLUMYS.