Online Procurement Services

Take the pain out of procuring local suppliers

Using local suppliers is a worthy (and necessary) endeavour. But it comes with its fair share of paperwork, headaches, and frustration.

What if all you had to do was post an ad and suppliers would come to you?

What if you could easily see the location, rating, and skills of the suppliers who tendered for work?

What if there was a single system that could manage all your supply chain needs, and tracked every step in the procurement process?

Say hello to Online Procurement Services (OPS).

OPS is an online portal that does all of the above and more. It provides an interface for suppliers to enter their details into, and emails them when suitable jobs are posted. It helps companies meet procurement best practices by managing supplier documentation, and consolidated ordering and payment processes.

Also? It’s completely customisable and scalable for any size business.

If no more procurement headaches sounds great to you, find out more here.



Invite registration from local suppliers with the easy-to-use portal

Enjoy one central place to manage all procurement activities

Run detailed reports for intelligent decision making

Access anywhere, anytime, from any device connected to the Internet.

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