Site Pandemic Response

Keep your business running and your people safe from COVID-19.

The global COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted business operations around the world.

Which is why Ionyx developed Site Pandemic Response (SPR) in collaboration with Industry Capability Network (ICN) and QMI solutions.

Our software allows businesses to send simple surveys to all workers, contractors and visitors so they can complete physical and mental health checks.

Managers are instantly alerted to any potential exposure risks and people can be denied entry to sites to protect your staff and customers.

This also works in reverse so delivery services, tradespeople etc can screen households before they enter them.

And the best part? SPR is totally free for all small businesses (up to 50 licences) and not-for-profit organisations so you can keep your wheels turning in these challenging times.



Third-party premises pre-attendance screening

Employee physical health and mental wellbeing screening

Automated work from home risk assessments

Available FREE to small businesses and not-for-profits