Flexible work will continue to become the new normal in 2020

Once, flexible work was the domain of digital nomads and freelancers. But the flexible work model is rapidly moving away from being a novelty and fast becoming the norm for Australian workplaces. Once people enter flexible work arrangements, 90 per cent say they want to work that way for the remainder of their working career. […]


How to prepare for a Generation Z workforce

They invented the word YOLO, prefer Snapchat to Facebook and possess strong political outlooks and thirsts for change. Generation Z is the next demographic moving into the workforce and they will bring different expectations, different operational methods and different skills than the generations that came before them. For those that are unclear, Generation Z was […]


The simple email mistake that could result in data breaches

Changes to the Privacy Act 1988 mean that businesses now have to report data breaches to impacted customers and the Federal Government. The mandatory data breach notification laws were brought in to protect the digital and physical data of Australians after a wave of high-profile data breaches from the likes of Facebook, Google, Toyota and […]