Why wellness should be part of your workplace safety policy

The importance of proper workplace safety policies and guidelines cannot be understated – but does your business also have a wellness program in place?

Workplace wellness programs are focused on providing facilities, education and opportunities for staff to live healthier lives and adopt healthier choices.

And the benefits of implementing a proper wellness program can lead to healthier, happier staff members as well as a raft of benefits for the employer.

The impact of unwell staff

Staff members who are unable to come to work for health reasons impact your bottom line, with the cost of absenteeism to the Australian economy now exceeding $32.5 billion per annum in payroll and lost productivity costs.

For individual businesses, that equates to $347 per day, per sick employee according to Australian Institute of Health and Welfare data.

A healthier workplace can lead to less sick days, fewer cases of chronic illness and better morale across the board.

It has also been proven that a strong workplace wellness program can improve staff engagement, which leads to positive including: 

How you can assist your staff with wellbeing programs

Preventative measures can help your staff live healthier lives, become more likely to talk about their stress levels and mental health concerns and become more focused and engaged in the workplace.

It is important to recognise and understand the specific needs of your workforce, which you can achieve through these six steps outlined by Great Place to Work Australia:

Here are some wellbeing program suggestions that could benefit your staff

Remember, there is no magic formula for workplace wellbeing and you need to assess your team and identify the issues that need to be addressed.

You will be glad that you did, with the reward being a happy, healthy and engaged workforce.

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