Is AI going to terminate your job?

Almost half of all organisations across all industries believe that AI will shrink their workforce by 2022.

It has become a real fear for many people who believe that automation will mean humans are no longer required in the workforce.

Are these fears justified? Or is AI here to boost our jobs growth, rather than bury it?

The jobs that will be lost because of AI

The flow-on impact of new technology will always, ultimately result in certain jobs becoming redundant.

The advent of the internet changed the way media companies and the music recording industry operate. Toll collectors, film projectionists, even cashiers at supermarkets are all jobs that have headed – or are heading – the way of the dinosaurs.

AI inevitably means some positions will no longer be a requirement in the future, but suggestions that there will be widespread job losses and the collapse of the global economy as we know it are very, very wide of the mark.

AI will actually create jobs – and entire new industries

Here is the figure to remember when you read about the fearmongering about the rise of the machines –¬†58 million net new jobs will be created because of AI by 2022.

That is data obtained by the World Economic Forum (WEF) that has determined while 75 million jobs globally will become redundant because of AI, 133 million new roles will be created.

Essentially, we are going to see a shift away from manual jobs that can easily be performed by machines and a big transition towards jobs that require distinct human skills.

That means those in jobs that require repetitive tasks can be redeployed and trained to analyse AI data and assist the AI to become more effective.

In essence, AI is designed to make workplaces more efficient and more productive.

Think of the invention of the digital spreadsheet in the 1970s. It didn’t cause widespread job losses, it provided a tool that enabled workers to better perform their role.

How automation is improving the way we work, rather than reducing headcounts

We are already seeing AI and machine learning in our day-to-day lives. Facebook, Google, Netflix – there are so many platforms we use on a daily basis that have AI built in to improve efficiencies and the user experience.

That is the premise of all of the Ionyx products available today. Journey Management System automates and monitors worker travel between job sites to improve safety, compliance and emergency response times.

Fly2Work automates the travel booking and accommodation process for FIFO workers Рwhich actually leads to the creation of jobs in regional towns.

DigitalForms streamlines all of your timesheet, spreadsheet and job safety dockets to improve operations and reduce the volume of human errors.

Online Procurement Services allows organisations to easily find and source from local suppliers, boosting the local economy and small businesses.

AI, ML and automation is nothing to be scared of. It is only going to make our lives easier and create millions of new jobs in the process.

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