Rapid Agile Development


Our Agile mindset
is the real deal

For some companies, Agile is just a buzzword thrown around in staff meetings.

Pivot, Scrum, Stand Up, Iteration.

You’ve heard them all before.

But for us? It’s just the way we work.

From the moment we meet you, we’re asking questions, we’re listening, we’re evolving the solution at every turn. Some call it iterative. We call it instinctive.

At Ionyx, we take pride in our Agile mindset, but we’re not wedded to a strict process. We like to think of ourselves as extensions of your team. You’re our focus, so however you need us to work? We’re ready.

Our Process

How do we achieve great results?



We dive deep into your world and discover where it really hurts, what you’ve done already, and how we can help.



We present you with an outline of our proposed solution and drink in your feedback and suggestions.



We work with you at every turn to make sure we build the solution you need.



We deliver your solution at the price we promised (last-minute scope changes accepted!)

The final result has produced an application that allows multiple contractors to be managed under one system with total visibility of the work delivery, costs and all associated reports to detail the granular breakdown of the total cost of ownership for the works executed.

B.Drummond – Superintendent Shell