Invaluable to your business, our UX and web design expertise provides your audience with a compelling experience they will love to use. We’re always considering the ‘Why’, ‘What’ and ‘How’ of product use.

A thorough understanding of the end user and their context is a starting point for all of our projects. Research on your market, audience and organisation’s needs guides our solution designs.

Before we all get too excited and build anything, we validate and iterate our prototype designs based on insights from testing with the intended audience. Time and time again we see the cost benefits and time savings of making iterations on the drawing board rather than once a product has been built and used by a live audience.

What we offer

Customer Research

We take the time to identify your customer segments and their needs, wants and behaviours.

It’s all about identifying and satisfying your audience’s unmet needs and opportunities to help your business to grow. We do this via a variety of qualitative and quantitative methods, including usability testing, interviews, surveys, workshops and desktop research. We test our designs with people, iterate and test again until we have a proven design solution.

Stakeholder engagement

We help get the best out of your business by engaging with the diverse range of people and perspectives within it.

We build consensus through consultation across the experience spectrum in your organisation. We do this by co-designing, identifying shared ideas of success and how we measure it. We back decisions with data and track success, so your team really owns it.

Low to High Fidelity Design

We translate high-level concepts to tangible, testable artifacts and user interfaces. Rapid prototyping, robust testing, analysis, iteration, beautiful results.

At IONYX, we value collaboration, which is why we utilise low fidelity prototyping to stimulate group work and involve everyone from stakeholders to developers in the design process. When the time comes, our design thinking approach and delivery means that our high-fidelity designs are not only stunning to look at and built to best practice, but a joy to use.

Our Methodology

Here’s what we’ve found works best to help your project launch without a hitch.


We first dive deep to understand the business needs. We then conduct user research to put ourselves in the shoes of your audience and understand problems and opportunities.


Armed with understanding, we ideate, co-design and refine design ideas. We begin in low fidelity with wireframes and develop detail right through to high fidelity interactive prototypes.

Test & Iterate

We then conduct usability testing with our prototype and uncover qualitative and quantitative insights directly from the target audiences. We then iterate and repeat as necessary.


Confident that our design is tried and tested, we then handover to our development team to begin their process. We collaborate on scope documentation and conduct experience design quality assurance at key milestones.

Launch & Steer

Our work is not complete once we launch a project. Our team monitor performance closely and plan for future enhancements to ensure we are meeting user needs in an ever-changing environment.