How to prepare for a Generation Z workforce

They invented the word YOLO, prefer Snapchat to Facebook and possess strong political outlooks and thirsts for change.

Generation Z is the next demographic moving into the workforce and they will bring different expectations, different operational methods and different skills than the generations that came before them.

For those that are unclear, Generation Z was born between the mid-1990s and the early 2000s and are the generation immediately proceeding the Millennials.

This is the largest generation of all time and makes up 20 per cent of the Australian population and 30 per cent of the global populace.

And by the year 2025, they will make up 27 per cent of the workforce – which means employers need to be prepared for their arrival now.

Here are the key things employers need to know about Generation Z:

They will work hard for just rewards: While Millennials are often labelled as a softer generation that agitated for relaxed dress standards and more room for them to express and feel their feelings, Generation Z is not the same breed. This generation is strongly focused on monetary rewards and they are willing to put in the hours and effort to get them.

Forget Facetime, they want face time: Millennials are definitely a technological generation with smartphones welded to their hands and digital wearable devices galore. Generation Z is just as tech-savvy (maybe even more so), but they don’t want to talk to machines. This generation has a much stronger desire to interact with managers directly and craves a human experience over a digital one.

Work/life balance is valued: Millennials have been maligned as a lazy generation, which is unfair and unfounded. In fact, seven out of 10 Millennials have reported suffering burnout at work. Generation Z has taken notice of this and will work hard, but value their downtime to be kind to their mind.

They crave feedback: Over half of Generation Z want regular check-ins from their manager on a weekly basis while 40 per cent would prefer daily interaction. Recognising this can assist you in retaining staff from this generation.

They embrace diversity and inclusion: Generation Z wants to work with people from different educational backgrounds and skill levels and believe that diversity and inclusion help drive company process for the better. A diverse workplace will lead to better results and improved retention.

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