Technology advances The Simpsons predicted

Ever since it debuted in 1989, The Simpsons has gathered a massive cult following across multiple age demographics and in countries across the world.

It’s a combination of family comedy, innuendo and adult jokes and lovable characters have ensured it became the longest-running show on television – a record that is still running.

During that time, The Simpsons has “predicted” the future a number of times, including running episodes of Donald Trump becoming US President and the FIFA corruption scandal.

The Nostrodamus-like efforts of the writers has extended into the technology space as well, with severy instances of major tech advances being predicted by The Simpsons including:



Way back in season six, there was an episode titled Lisa’s Wedding which cast an eye forward to the future. This included Lisa’s boyfriend Hugh Parkfield using his watch to make phone calls – the same as modern-day smartwatches.



Video chats

In that same episode, The Simpsons predicted that we would communicate through video screens and not by phone. This predated Skype, Google Hangout, FaceTime and Facebook Messenger video chats by many, many years.